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Legendary DJ, remixer and edit exponent Greg Wilson is back at it again with the third instalment of his hugely popular "Credit To The Edit" series. Almost a decade on from Volume 2, "Credit To The Edit – Vol. 3", released 4th April via Tirk Recordings, draws on music from the Disco and Rave eras, adding a seminal Hip Hop cut, a Balearic favourite, as well a few contemporary tracks from the last 10 years.

A groundbreaking DJ, Greg played a key role in introducing black electronic dance music to the UK via his early '80s residencies at Wigan Pier, Manchester's "Legend" and "The Haçienda", as well as over the airwaves on the city's Piccadilly Radio. Working with Technics turntables, a Revox reel to reel tape machine and a razor blade, Greg carved out his reputation as a UK pioneer and champion of Electro-Funk. Whereas, more recently, following his 2003 comeback after a 2-decade hiatus, he's gained international renown at the vanguard of a now global re-edits movement.

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Next up on Tirk we head back in time to revisit the defining track of one of the 80's most under-rated bands, Love And Money. "Strange Kind Of Love" was the title track from their 1988 album, which was produced by Gary Katz of Steely Dan fame. Although selling over 250,000 copies the album, the band never quite made the mainstream breakthrough they deserved.

"Strange Kind Of Love" is a track which simply does not date. It still sounds as fresh today as it did back in 1988. The track’s wide appeal from the Scottish 80's pop sound to Ibiza chillout 5am classic is testament to the polished production, intelligent lyrics and expansive instrumentation.

TIRK088: Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk

When it comes to influential dance records “Dirty Talk” is right up there. Slant Magazine placed "Dirty Talk" at number 37 on its 100 Greatest Dance Songs and it sits happily in the top Pitchfork 500 of greatest tracks from Punk To Present. Creatively “Dirty Talk” has spread its inspirational tentacles through literally hundreds of records in the past 30 years. The most famous example being New Orders Blue Monday which came out a year later in 1983 (if you have 10 minutes spare just try playing them side by side). The grooves, arrangements and sounds have provided more than a few touchstones to house, electro pop and beyond.

The original single was created in Milan in 1982 by Italian producer Mario Boncaldo and American Electro-Soul-House master Tony Carrasco. It went on to become both a dance floor and mainstream hit in the USA, Europe and all over the world. In 1982 there were 25 pressings from record labels all over the world.

TIRK087: Various Artists - 10 Years Of Tirk

As the great Louis Armstrong said: there are only two types of music, good and bad. If there's any one who knows where to find the good stuff it is Tirk Recordings founder and A&R man Sav Remzi.

Over the last two or more decades, a belly full of passion and a superbly open-minded approach to music has led Sav on a magpie-like flight across the land of music, unearthing both new and under-represented artists from the past, touching on soul, disco, house, hip hop, reggae, electro, funk, jazz, Afro-beat and many uncanny fusions in between. With more than just an ear for great music though, he has made a career of reaching out to the music makers themselves and convincing them to let him introduce their work to a new audience. Seemingly always a conduit of taste and artistic talent, its fair to say he has a knack for channeling good music to both people and scenes.

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TIRK077: The Diaphanoids - LSME

The Diaphanoids come down heavy interiorly re-disegned with an acid psychallucisergic album full of seventies' kosmische flavours fuzzed-out guitars and motorik rhythms.

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Independent Label Market - 30th Nov 2013

We'll be stalling out at the Independent Label Market this Saturday (30th Nov) at Old Spitalfields Market, it's on from 11am until 5pm... check out the floor plan in the link below and come and say hello!

The Time And Space Machine - The Magic Hour EP

The Time & Space Machine return to Tirk once again with another mind blowing EP. Not diverting from the psychedlic flicks of their last album 'Taste The Lazer' & its follow up EP 'Good Morning', 'The Magic Hour' knocks up 5 tracks of progressive goodness, with overtones of psychedelia and a euphoric underbelly that's set to warp the straightest of minds.

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Tim, Chad and Sherry - UK Dates

March 2013

Nang 100 Party, Queen of Hoxton, London.    details

The Deaf Institute, Manchester.

Shacklewell Arms, London.
Support from Molly Wagger

Also, why not catch Tim, Chad & Sherry on the Marc Riley Show on BBC6 Music tonight (20th March).

Tim, Chad and Sherry

TIRK085- Tim, Chad and Sherry - Rocket Tonight

In support of their debut album release on Tirk and forthcoming visit to the UK to appear on BBC 6 Music's Marc Riley show, Tim Chad & Sherry are set to release a digital single with 'Rocket Tonight', plus two exclusive unheard B-sides called This Could Be Our Song' and 'Now That's Love'.

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TIRK083- Tim, Chad and Sherry - Tim, Chad and Sherry

Tirk Records now present Tim, Chad & Sherry's self titled second album, an oddly compelling mix of slinky, raucous rock, feet-dragging dadaist grooves and uplifting melodious soul accentuated with electronics and subtle motorik drum machine rhythms. In describing their sound, the band says it best: "PSYCH DANCE. If Steely Dan, The Flaming Lips and R Kelly had a love child, you'd have Tim Chad and Sherry."

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TIRK080- Tim, Chad and Sherry - The Love I Make (Remixes)

Back in 2009 A group of Silver Jews and Lambchop members got together to form a new band. They called themselves Tim Chad and Sherry and self-released their début album 'Baby We Can Work It Out' later that year. The album caught the attention of cult band Pavement who invited them to play at their ATP festival. After much critical acclaim the group return to the fold with an EP on London's Tirk Recordings.

TIRK081- Tim, Chad and Sherry - The Love I Make EP

Back in 2009 A group of Silver Jews and Lambchop members got together to form a new band. They called themselves Tim Chad and Sherry and self-released their début album 'Baby We Can Work It Out' later that year. The album caught the attention of cult band Pavement who invited them to play at their ATP festival. After much critical acclaim the group return to the fold with an EP on London's Tirk Recordings.

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TIRK079- The Time And Space Machine - Good Morning

The Time And Space Machine aka Richard Norris is straight out the gates with a second single off his acclaimed 'Taste The Lazer' album. The summery gem, titled 'Good Morning,' comes packed with three stunning accompaniments from Leftside Wobble, Saint Etienne and Coyote.

TIRK078 - Free School - Tender Administration

After their 'Ranting & Raving' and 'Unraveling After the Lottery' EPs, we're proud to announce the debut album from our favourite maximalist Balaeric electronic duo, Free School.

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TIRK075 - Pocket - All Of This Happened

Pocket is the snappy moniker of NYC based Richard Jankovich, the principal creative mind behind the NY based electro-pop band Burnside Project and seasoned big-name remixer (Beck, Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Of Montreal, Elk City, Joanna Newsom and many others). We're happy to be presenting his debut LP on Tirk! It's a beautiful pop menagerie, fusing electronic beats & sounds, driven guitar tones, soaring guest vocals and sumptuously eclectic harmonies.

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TIRK076 - The Time And Space Machine - Taste The Lazer

Following his dazzling single 'Pill Party in India,' The Time And Space Machine rides straight outta the gate to deliver his second studio album for Tirk, titled 'Taste The Laser' .

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TIRK074 - Molly Wagger - Able Mable / Prize Budgie

Tirk take a step down their recently coveted avenue of eclectic indie music with a stunning single from Scottish 5-piece, Molly Wagger.

Taken from their album 'Flambeaux,' Able Mable is a stomping, atmospheric powerhouse; it's combination of layered guitar rhythms and electronics lulled only by the off-centre musings of front-man Charlie Denholm.

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Escort - Live In London 08-03-12

ESCORT is finally bringing the big show overseas and making their UK premiere at London's venerable Jazz Cafe. The disco orchestra is flying out from Brooklyn to London and they're bringing the party along with em.

Enjoying accolades ranging from the New York Times to Pitchfork, the seventeen-member "disco orchestra" features an incredible cast of musicians including founders/producers Eugene Cho and Dan Balis, and fronted by lead singer Adeline Michèle.

This is a must for all you disco fans! Tickets Available Here.

MPG 2012 Awards Special Recognition Award Martin Rushent

The Music Producers' Guild Awards 2012 paid great honour to the late Martin Rushent by giving him a special recognition award last week. Rushent was remembered for his outstanding work with artists such as the Stranglers, the Human League and the Buzzcocks.

TIRK068 - The Time And Space Machine - Pill Party In India

When it comes to being a man of many talents, there are few to equal Richard Norris. DJ, producer, musician, A&R man, author and journalist... his is a career of many twists and turns which have always seen him at the forefront of pushing new ideas forward and championing diversity and innovation, be it alongside Erol Alkan as part of The Wizard's Sleeve, or gone solo as the acclaimed Time And Space Machine.

TIRK073 - Free School - Unravelling After The Lottery / I'm Not Nintendo

Free School return to Tirk for their second EP, bringing the Balearic sounds of summer and the icy kosmiche sounds of winter all in one sweeping hit. Free School are maximalist and minimalist all at once.