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The talented Sam Annand first became one with Tirk back in March '08, with the fabulously erratic Birds Of Prey EP. Since then, with a whole release dedicated to remixes of that very same tune and an entire album (soon to be released as of June '09) of choppy funk and richly gritty effects, ol' Sam has moved forward like a stop-motion supremo grooving in a moving disco.


We're super-chuffed to be able to announce the forthcoming reissue on Tirk of tracks from one of our favourite artists, Chaz Jankel.


Only in the melting pot that is NYC, can a duo with such diverse musical backgrounds come together and create an upbeat blend of funky and electric disco mixed with elements of latin soul. The duo that comprises Drrtyhaze are a perfect mismatch in so many ways.


Bringing the sunny Balearic sounds of summer and the icy kosmiche sounds of winter to a soundsystem near you, Free School are maximalist and minimalist all at once. But in a good way. The Birmingham duo signed to the internationally acclaimed Tirk label in 2011 and have notched up 2 E.P. releases and a string of highly acclaimed remixes so far, with their debut album 'Tender Administration' set to drop in July 2012. Their cosmic delights have won the support of DJ's Jacques Renault, Justin Robertson, Red Rack'em, Pete Gooding, The Big Chill and Ministry Of Sound's Future Disco.


Fujiya & Miyagi formed not playing Sunday League football. With playing talents described as, at best, enthusiastic, at worst, dangerous, Steve Lewis and David Best spent a lot of time warming the bench together with a shared interest in mid-seventies Krautrock and early-nineties electronica...


Descendant of an infamous Scottish folk singer, George spent 10 busy years at the forefront of Scotland's electronic music scene before moving to London in 2002. Essentially to further pursue his passion for music, this move prompted a rediscovery of his love for guitars as well as discovering his warm and elegant singing voice...


Greg Wilson is the unsung hero of UK dance music. Via residencies at Wigan Pier, Manchester's Legend, then the Hacienda, Greg Wilson virtually single-handedly introduced electronic dance music to the UK...


Hedford Vachal melds the musical talents of Eric Hedford and Brad Vachal, two long-time DJs and figureheads in the Portland, Oregon music scene.


I Idjut Boys aka Dan Tyler & Conrad McConnell hooked up in the late eighties through a shared love of the disco not disco of Harvey and Francois K. Best described as eclectic (or, to the uninitiated, eccentric) their DJ sets are commonly typified by an anything goes attitude....


A wave of excitement ripples across the wide-eyed crowd at London's Cargo as they anticipate the entrance of the special live guest. The stage has been transformed into a scene from a hotel lobby - a bar is propped to one side, holding an ice bucket and a bottle of whiskey. A chez-longue sits alongside a coffee table heaving under the weight of a towering bunch of white lilies. A leather armchair sits patiently waiting for its occupier to arrive. The crowd is getting restless...


Love Supreme is Italian producer and guitar player Sapo and Producer/DJs Nick 'Sat' Sarno and Roberto Di Movi. After remixing two tracks by legendary Italian DJ Bruno Bolla for the compilation 'Blacktronica' (which included names such as Pressure Drop, Quantic, Ashley Beedle, Jill Scott and Matthew Herbert) the trio started the Love Supreme project as an outlet for their combined musical interests...


Martin Rushent (1948-2011) was one of the UK's finest record producers. Rushent entered the music business in the early 70s as an engineer working on records by T. Rex, David Essex, Fleetwood Mac, Shirley Bassey and Yes amongst others.


Edinburgh four-piece Molly Wagger is made up of brothers James and Charlie, Denholm along with friends, Dave Ayre and Edward Hulme.


Morten is from a small Norwegian fishing village - he's 22....


Pocket is the snappy moniker of LA-based Richard Jankovich, the principal creative mind behind the NY based electro-pop band Burnside Project and a seasoned big-name remixer (Beck, Radiohead, Kristin Hersh, Of Montreal, Elk City, Joanna Newsom and many others).


Sorcerer recently surfaced from his musical fortress deep below the oceanís tides ready to unveil his special brand of aural abracadabra. He fuses the mystic moods of dawn mist with the power of riding the perfect pipeline...


Sugardaddy is the underground alias of Tom Findlay; Producer, DJ and one half of million selling dance act Groove Armada. In collaboration with his close friend Tim Hutton, a multi-talented musician and producer in his own right, Sugardaddy is an outlet for less commercial, more club-orientated outings....


Introducing, or rather, not introducing, Syclops. Brought together by maverick production genius Maurice Fulton, Syclops is .....well, we're not actually sure....


The Bees are from Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Their sound mixes genres and sounds like few others; indie rock, psychedelic, 1960s garage rock, country, reggae and jazz, they are all in there somewhere.


We didn't even know that Richard Norris was part of legendary UK acid house bods Jack the Tab alongside Genesis P Orridge, or that his partner in Goldstar was called ...Richard Norris, or that he'd produced a Joe Strummer single.