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The Time & Space Machine return to Tirk once again with another mind blowing EP. Not diverting from the psychedlic flicks of their last album 'Taste The Lazer' & its follow up EP 'Good Morning', 'The Magic Hour' knocks up 5 tracks of progressive goodness, with overtones of psychedelia and a euphoric underbelly that's set to warp the straightest of minds.

'Magic Hour' kicks off the journey with tones of Vintage Americana, fuzzy memories of The Beetles early work, and the long lost soundtrack to old B-Movie car chase scenes. The music progresses and builds, all the time reinstating those 70s vibes, reccuring lyrics contrast against the bopping drum beat that'll envelop your body into a dance frenzy.

With the needle still rolling you cruise straight into the 'Mr. Whiskers Magic Hour Remix' by the gentleman who brought up 'Brimful of Asha', Cornershop. Their stripped back tones and effortless style they turn the fast paced rocker into a bass line driven groover. The track thrives from the back ended organ and the vocals are rocked up with some epic reverb twists, a steady groove for those slowdown moments that you sometimes need in life.

On the flip we have two more originals, 'Reverberation' and 'Lady In The Lake'. ' Reverberation' ramps the tempo back up and flashes some instant energy back into the mix, long rolling guitars power through met gradually by cyber induced psychedelic rings from the vocals and backing guitars.

'Lady In The Lake' comes in with beautiful contrast. Imagine sunshine meets ambient psych rock and that will give you a pre-emptive image of atmosphere and style, the track cruises as your body melts, what more can we say!

For those who are not of a vinyl persuasion or miss the chance to collect one themselves, the digital release does come with its own treat, a 5th track is up for download. 'Snorkel' has unveiled his remix of 'Reverberation' and it is an absolute belter! It's deep and dark with a dubby disposition. A great extra for an amazing EP!

All tracks Written & Produced by Richard Norris. Published by Musiqware.
Guitar, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals - Richard Norris.
Guitars on Magic Hour - Richie Crago. Bass - Stuart Carter. Drums - Craig Mathewson. Keys - Craig Warnock.
Guitar on Reverberation - Paul Sandrone. Drums - Wildcat Will.

(P) & (C) 2013 Tirk Records