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Sorcerer recently surfaced from his musical fortress deep below the ocean’s tides ready to unveil his special brand of aural abracadabra. He fuses the mystic moods of dawn mist with the power of riding the perfect pipeline.

The Sorcerer conjures brimstone from guitars, casts spells with drum machines, spooks out synthesizers, and mesmerizes fragments of sampled sound with his MPC. Influenced by surf music, 80s dance pop, space jazz, krautrock, disco, dub, and am radio gold, his music presents a tour through a uniquely Californian lifestyle. His sounds inspire memories—they may not even be your own—of warm days and feeling free. Ultimately the Sorcerer believes that happiness is sometimes just a chord change away. Sorcerer’s first 12" Surfing at Midnight is a thickslice of Pacifica and a homage to the Mexican coastline that inspired the song. Featuring a cosmic Prins Thomas remix on the b-side, this is music that will bring smiles and finger snaps. Look for a full length album later this year on Tirk. For more Sorcerer information please read this interview recently conducted by the great