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We didn't even know that Richard Norris was part of legendary UK acid house bods Jack the Tab alongside Genesis P Orridge, or that his partner in Goldstar was called ...Richard Norris, or that he'd produced a Joe Strummer single.

We did know he'd co-made one of our favourite slow London Balearic tunes from '90 as the Grid (Floatation), and of course that as half of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve with Erol Alkan he was half responsible for kick-starting what we'll sure will be another interesting chapter in the endless tale of post '88 underground musical sub genres.

In partnership with Erol Alkan as Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve, Richard has firmly cemented his position in the Psyche-scape. Their series of re-edit 12” mini albums were not only instantly snapped up in stores but also led to a series of high profile remixes for artists such as Chemical Brothers, Goldfrapp, Franz Ferdinand and more.

The Time And Space Machine was conceived in 2008 as a sound that solidifies Richard Norris’ decades of collecting, releasing and writing about psychedelic music. Richard’s journey into psych began as a teenager when he worked for the legendary UK psych label Bam Caruso, who released dozens of psychedelic and freakbeat compilations. His debut record record (largely done for the first time by himself beneath a castle in Lewes, Sussex) meshes all these influences with modern production techniques to create something new - and in our opinion - very special.