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Hedford Vachal melds the musical talents of Eric Hedford and Brad Vachal, two long-time DJs and figureheads in the Portland, Oregon music scene. Both were raised on a steady diet of classic rock and pop before finding there way to dancefloors and DJ booths in their teens. From there it was a neverending quest for too many keyboards and tons of records that brings us to where we are now.

Eric Hedford is the founding, and former, drummer of The Dandy Warhols, the somewhat saner band featured in the Sundance award-winning documentary "Dig." Most recently, Eric formed the band Telephone, where his talents were featured as the bandís singer, songwriter and keyboardist. You can catch Ericís DJ stylings as Aquaman at Soul Stew, now in its 7th year as a unfailing Friday night soul disco funk basement party. His day job sees him creating ad music for television, and radio as Flooded Music.

Brad Vachal is the "daddy" of Portlandís dance scene, and was very instrumental in establishing acid house culture in the Pacific Northwest. He's been behind the counter at Portland's finest dance stores since the tender age of nineteen, for the last fifteen years as the senior music buyer at Platinum Recordsóthe northwestís primary dance music outlet. He shapes musical tastes in more ways than oneóBrad frequently guests at clubs and parties and can also be found next to Eric on rotating Friday nights at Soul Stew.